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Whimsy Puzzle™ Animal Wooden Puzzle

Animal: King Elephant
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I can't express enough how much my family loves this puzzle. It is really funny to solve and the animal pieces make it a very unique and interesting jigsaw. The final result is a beautiful animal art with bright and vibrant colors, it is often on display in the living room. 

Solving it is a bit of a challenge for my kids but it grants us long hours of entertainment. I even find it relaxing to solve the puzzle by myself. We have the turtle and the elephant so far, but I plan to get the full collection! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Millie Wilson
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Screens and electronic devices have become an integral part of modern life, diminishing the time spent in meaningful and bonding activities. Excessive screen time can lead to a range of detrimental consequences, such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems or physical fatigue. A lot of parents struggle to find activities that connect their children to the real world and promote their cognitive development. 

The Whimsy Puzzle™ features a unique set of animal jigsaw puzzles that provides the perfect occasion to bring all the family and friends together. Each Whimsy Puzzle™ is built of 200 uniquely cut wooden pieces, including several pieces shaped as animals or plants, the whimsy pieces. Solving a Whimsy Puzzle™ is both fun and challenging, leaving a sense of achievement as well as a beautiful animal art.


CHALLENGE YOURSELF: The Whimsy Puzzle™ is a 200 pieces jigsaw with a very challenging shape and color pattern. It offers a few hours of brain-workout to strengthen your mind.

FORGET THE DAILY ROUTINE: The Whimsy Puzzle™ is the perfect opportunity to relax and have some fun. Psychologists recommend puzzles for meditation and stress relief.

CONNECT WITH YOUR LOVED ONES: The Whimsy Puzzle™ is a super handy game which can be used anywhere anytime. Every evening or during holidays this puzzle is great to strengthen friendship and family bonds.

THINK OUT OF THE BOX: The Whimsy Puzzle™ has an exquisite contour form, beautiful colors, hidden patterns and whimsy pieces shaped as animals. It is sure to redefine the puzzle solving experience. 

ARTISTIC DECOR: The Whimsy Puzzle™ is made of high quality HDF wood, with precise cuts and finishing. Its beauty makes it a great decor item to display in any room. 


We understand the challenges many parents face in today's digital age, where even when your family is gathered, instead of engaging in shared activities and conversations, everyone is glued to their individual screens. It's a scenario that resonates with countless families, as studies indicate that, on average, families spend more time on screens than engaging in face-to-face interactions, highlighting the pressing need for solutions that bring families back together.

The Whimsy Puzzle™ is a catalyst for reconnecting with your loved ones. With its beautiful and puzzling shapes, this challenging jigsaw encourages families to gather around a shared activity, fostering a sense of togetherness that goes beyond the digital divide. The pieces are beautifully painted with bright and vibrant colors, producing a stunning decor that will make everyone proud. Being made of an eco-friendly and non deforming material, the Whimsy Puzzle™ is highly durable and a perfect entertainment for days to come.


Number of pieces: 200 pieces
Size: 30x21 cm / 8.3x11.8 in
Material: Pressured HDF wood (eco-friendly material)  


(1) x Whimsy Puzzle
(1) x Reference image

(1) x Cloth bag

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